How To Use Your Bid Wins


Your Bid Wins can search all international eBay sites. The 'default site' is used with the 'Search' option. It is also the default site selected when creating a new search. From the main page, select your "DEFAULT SITE".


From the main page, select 'Add New Search'.  Specify a meaningful search name. Enter search terms just like you would using eBay. Wildcards, etc. are all supported. Tip: test the search terms using eBay and then paste them here. If you only want to see items with a BIN option, check this box. If you want to search within the item description, check this box. To narrow down search matches, specify a category. To enable the search and receive notifications, check this box. Lastly, Your Bid Wins supports all eBay sites, so specify which site(s) to search. When done, test your search using the 'Search' option on the main screen. Refine your search if necessary.


If for some reason you want to stop receiving notifications (ie: you are on vacation without email access), on the main page, click on 'Pause Account'. You can unpause your account when you are ready to receive notifications. 


To perform a search, on the main page, click on the 'Search' button.  Your search will be run against the eBay site you have seleted as your 'Default Site'. 'Edit' your search and re-test until you are are satisfied.  Remember, in order to receive notifications for your search, you must 'enable' your search.

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